Sunday, February 17, 2013

Two Finishes and A Start

I'm happy dancing!  Catz is finished.  I love it.  I just need to cut a longer piece of dowel to hang it from.

My favourite The Chook Shed designs have either cats (surprised, aren't you? lol) or chooks (chickens).  One of the things I like about their patterns is that no matter what your taste in fabric, their designs always look good!

DS' quilt is finished!!!!  This is what it looked like this morning about 6.30am. I laid it out to see how much trimming it needs.  As you can see Lestat takes his job as the quilt inspector very seriously!  He was a bit miffed because I laid it out on the place that is HIS sunny spot.  He stalked off then came running back when he realised there was a QUILT to lie on.  Then sniffed all over the floor very suspiciously as it had disappeared again.

It will be popped in the post and sent registered mail this week.  He's said a couple of times lately that he is looking forward to getting the quilt and where he is going to use it.  I've not prompted any of those conversations, so I'm taking it as a hint! Heeeheee!

Perhaps this one should have come with a warning....or sunglasses.  It is the middle of a wall hanging to be.  I've not decided on the border yet.  I think that will come later when the blocks are joined.  The foundation is  interfacing.  I'd rather sit and trace a pattern than sit and pull off that many pieces of paper!

This is the fabric I've chosen.  It's been moved around my stash for ages waiting for the right project.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

OPAM 2013

OPAM stands for One Project A Month.  Peg and Kris have been running it for four years now and do a marvellous job of organising it.  I took part in the first OPAM and had a ball.  This year I thought...."Why not?"  It is a stress free way of trying to finish one "soft" project a month (fabric, wool or thread related), with a giant cheer squad!  It is all about having fun and work on projects we would LIKE to work on, not necessarily HAVE to work on!

Since I'm closing my other blogs, I decided to post my January and February finishes.


A vase rug.

Tea cosy set.

Wall hanging from tea cozy set.

My first original hat.


Loo roll cover.  Plus there was Love Cats.  I'm hoping to add a couple more finishes for February.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Starting With A Finish

I think these little critters are rather cute.  I can just see them as little vampire cats all decked out with fangs and cloaks for Halloween, can't you?