Sunday, February 17, 2013

Two Finishes and A Start

I'm happy dancing!  Catz is finished.  I love it.  I just need to cut a longer piece of dowel to hang it from.

My favourite The Chook Shed designs have either cats (surprised, aren't you? lol) or chooks (chickens).  One of the things I like about their patterns is that no matter what your taste in fabric, their designs always look good!

DS' quilt is finished!!!!  This is what it looked like this morning about 6.30am. I laid it out to see how much trimming it needs.  As you can see Lestat takes his job as the quilt inspector very seriously!  He was a bit miffed because I laid it out on the place that is HIS sunny spot.  He stalked off then came running back when he realised there was a QUILT to lie on.  Then sniffed all over the floor very suspiciously as it had disappeared again.

It will be popped in the post and sent registered mail this week.  He's said a couple of times lately that he is looking forward to getting the quilt and where he is going to use it.  I've not prompted any of those conversations, so I'm taking it as a hint! Heeeheee!

Perhaps this one should have come with a warning....or sunglasses.  It is the middle of a wall hanging to be.  I've not decided on the border yet.  I think that will come later when the blocks are joined.  The foundation is  interfacing.  I'd rather sit and trace a pattern than sit and pull off that many pieces of paper!

This is the fabric I've chosen.  It's been moved around my stash for ages waiting for the right project.


  1. That sure was an early start ... especially for a sunday .. I do get the whole waking up early part.. but not the leaving the bed early part ..
    The quilt looks great - the blue remidns me a bit of a swimming pool ..
    Now that fat pink cat really needs a diet .. poor little bugger can't have much fun catching mice
    Ohh now those colours are much more pleasing than the screaming blue+yellow

  2. LOVE your Catz! - and DS is sure to love his new quilt - GREAT colors! Your wallhanging fabrics are very subtle - it's going to be FABULOUS - ;))

  3. the fabric in your son's quilt is lovely, he'll be thrilled to get that, even if Lestat is a little miffed. Have fun with the new wall hanging, those colours are a lot more gentle on the eye

  4. Thank goodness for ready, willing and able quilt inspectors - my Zoomer actually looks a lot like that cute chubby pink cat, LOL. Despite his years of being on a diet he loses nothing - tsk tsk tsk (like mother, like cat ... HA!!!!). Gorgeous quilt for DS - the fabrics are gorgeous - very rich!

    I'm with you on foundation rather than paper-piecing - I'd rather trace than rip too :) What a mess those bits and pieces make removed - it's like a paper snowstorm, lol!

    The fabrics you've chosen for the spikey project are pretty - especially the one printed with the text. Is there going to be enough contrast between the two of them for the spikes to stand out clearly?

  5. well done super quilterer/sewerer...cheers Vickie

  6. CATZ is amazing! I love the colours! all your finishes are putting my lack of crafting to shame! :D