Monday, March 4, 2013

Rainy Days And Mondays......

Helllooooo everyone!  I'm sorry I've not replied to anyone's comments from my last post.  I had malware on my computer, not enough time to fix it, then ran out of data credit on my phone!  Phone's ok for another month....The computer's getting there!

Sandra, you were right about not having enough contrast on the New York Beauty block.  I scanned both fabrics in monochrome and they are really similar in tone.  Good spotting, 99!  

This is a close up of the tablecloth I made to fit the little table on the back patio.  I couldn't find a patio set that was comfy, so I got a small folding table and a camping chair instead....Bliss!  

If the centre fabric looks familiar, that is because it is!  It's been changed a zillion times....First the blocks were the centres for a garden fence (?????) block, then a log cabin.  Both were rubbish.  Mainly because of the fabric I used just didn't suit.  Then I remembered I had some spotty fabric.....puuurrrrrrrfect!!!!!  I'm really pleased to get it finished and it is going straight on the OPAM list!

It was lovely and cool this morning, even rained!  So I had breakfast outside with Tim and Wanda (much to Lestat's disgust lol), read for a while and was just about to start knitting when....uh oh!  See the stitch which is being held up by the vertical needle?  You guessed it....a dropped stitch!!!!

I had two choices.....Either fix it, which although boring, would not take long....or.....grab some different yarn and flick through a knitting book looking for a hat to knit!  No guessing which won out....and the dropped stitch still hasn't been picked up!  

Mind you, that is mainly because the rib at the top of the sock (the bottom in the picture) is really bugging me.  It is about a 1/4 inch too short.  It has been niggling at me, so it is time to frog it.....For the sixth time.  Yes, I counted....It is part of my knitting style....I think it takes six goes for it to stick! lol

This was my sewing/computer chair about half an hour ago....So glad I put a cover on it!


  1. hmmm I guess I'm too used to "my" stockings - the basic I learned is 2 knit 2 purl (I hope I remembered those terms right - we call them "left" and "right" loops) all the way down utnill you have to start the heel (they usually freak me out), makes it easy because you don't really have to count, well maybe the 10's depending on the length you want it to be.

    You know the simplest thing would be to cover your chair with some black and white fur-fabric - instant invisibility for cat hair.

    Lestat doesn't like Tim and Wanda - prefering them as snack?

    It's a lovely sunny day here - and I really need to clean my windows you never realize how dirty they are without sun shinign through them ...

  2. Happy to help, 86 - a NYB block is a lot of work - it would be dreadful if the fabrics blended together - major froggy stitching would be needed! That's a pretty little patio tablecloth - get it finished then show us an "action" picture! I see froggy stitching is needed in knitting too - at least our crafts and projects teach us the value of patience - something that Lestat and Zoomer would seem to both possess - at least - on the surface ... or when they feel like it ;)

  3. Oh, look at that furry belly, just begging to be tickled! He looks to be taking life in his stride, and he appreciates the cover, just makes the seat extra cosy and warm

  4. table cover looks just dandy..good job on the camp chair-some of them are just the cosiest...always betterah to pickup and start a new knitting item..that way you didn't waste precious time hehehe..aww Lestat i sjus keeping your chair warm...hehehe cheers Vickie

  5. Your tablecloth is lovely, LOL at Lestat

  6. Hi... was just catching up on blogs after all my guests and thought I hadn't read you... and realised I hadn't subscribed to your new blog!!! phew... thought for a while you had gone off the radar!! lovely projects... hope you fixed the dropped stitch... the only knitting I seem to cope with is plain washcloths...

  7. It's been a while - where you be?????? - ;))

  8. GMTA - I was just thinking the same thing as Lefty - where ya be? Zoomer wants to play with Lestat - if we're going to set a playdate I'll have to get working on his passport ... LOLOL!!! :D