Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Normal Transmission Will Be Returning Soon.....

It's been 3 months since Lee and I split up.  I'm still feeling lousy and still adjusting, which is why I've not been around. 

I've got rid of everything I possibly can which reminds me of her, apart from this flimsy.  After all the work I put into making it, I couldn't bring myself to bin it.  So instead, I decided to use it to practise my quilting on Elsie.  I'm glad I did, because I am improving and one day it will be cold enough to need an extra quilt on the bed!  It seems Mother Nature has forgotten that autumn is supposed to be cool!  I've just got the binding to do now.  Hopefully it will be finished by the end of the weekend.    


  1. Sue you needed to take time for yourself to grieve - it's understandable! Be happy for and remember the good times, and when you're ready, you can get back to blogging more regularly. In the interim, finish up Greenie there, and have fun practicing your quilting! And could you send us a bit of the heat you must be experiencing? Old Man Winter hasn't let go of us yet, despite the fact that spring is already here - hubby was supposed to get the snow tires off his work van tonight but we have such a big winter storm coming tomorrow that he postponed it!

  2. Welcome Back!! I like "Greenie" - she looks like the perfect project for you and Elsie to play with. How do you like Elsie? Does she play nice??? - ;))

  3. Well that is one fancy piece of machinery you've got there!

    It's good to hear from you. And as I am the huggy type, I shall offer hugs. ((hugs))

  4. It takes a little time to adjust, but it's good to see you playing with Elsie again. Have fun with her

  5. A break up is a huge thing... it will take time to heal.... but working through on projects will help...
    How are you going with your new machine... looks like a lot of fun...

  6. Good to see you writing again ... it's finally warm enough here to open the window for longer than just a short airing. I actually think I will have to draw the curtains or I will get my first sunburn of the year.
    But at least now I know that Australia has been stealing all the warmth for the last few months - not fair.

    I'm looking forward to see it finished - but I guess the time for exotic flowers is over now so no pictures of those.