Thursday, April 25, 2013

WIP It Good!

The unthinkable has happened!  I am down to six projects....Five I can show...One is a secret project for a friend who may visit my blog, so I can't show it yet.

This one has had a change of direction.  The hexi flowers were to be used as the centre for a square in a square quilt.  The inspiration comes from a verse of a Pete Murray song – Opportunity.  It is one of my favourite songs.  The link is here.  The verse that inspired the quilt is “And so it goes another lonely day.  You’re saving time but you’re miles away.  Your flower was drowning in some bitter tea, for seeing lost opportunity.”   The general idea is to have an Art Deco inspired teapot full of dead flowers.  When the quilt is finished, it is going to be dyed using a weak solution of brown dye, which will knock out all the colour and make it look grungy. 

I had a stack of small scraps which I didn't know what I wanted to do with that I didn't want to waste....

The pile kept growing......and the beginning of Centigrade Three Zero was born....a minature Grandmother's Garden.  It was a random project, so needed a randome name....30 degrees centigrade is the temperature fabric will burn at....aka Farenheit 451....which just happens to be a book I'm rather partial to.  There is another meaning to the name, but I will keep that for a later date.  

My leader and ender project....a stack of hst's.  I just kept cutting until both fabrics were gone.

An Angel's Story....started on 2nd October, 2011.

Mallee Most Fowl....started June 4th, 2012.  The pattern is Folk Art Birds from Making Quilts...the promise of joy by Kathy Doughty (Material Obsession).


  1. Looks like you have plenty to keep you busy. My hexagons have ground to a halt, I need to print off some more papers and get back to them, it was going so well when everything was just there to pick up

  2. lots of lovely projects... should keep you busy in between cycling adventures...

  3. way to go you sure are stitching away..insane small hexies hey...I do hear a slight smile in your typing -that is is that super dooper treadly going???? the fabrics in your hst's is gorgeous, cheers Vickie

  4. Now that song is stuck in my brain, LOL!! 5 WIP's isn't very much --- I had 15 at the beginning of the year and am down to "only" 12, so to me, 5 is downright DECADENT! ;)

  5. Good to see you back!! - Your new bike and your WIPs should keep you out of trouble for a while - especially the 1/2" hexies - WOW those suckers are tiny!! - ;))